Fresh thinking and conversation for learning professionals

Connect with learning professionals, share ideas and inspiration, ask questions, join discussions and enjoy being part of this post-Twitter community.

Times are changing

Our public forums are under pressure. Conversations have been squeezed or shut down and many people simply aren’t participating in conversations in the way that they once were. Discussions for learning professionals have diminished at a time when there is so much to discuss. The L&D Spot aims to keep the conversations alive and give them a space to flourish.


What is The L&D Spot?

It is a free, independent and safe space for the learning community. The L&D Spot is for learning professionals who want to share ideas, connect with each other, and discuss fresh thinking.

As well as hosting conversations, learning professionals can also host their own communities on the platform.

Why join the community?

To connect with peers and discuss ideas and challenges and develop your thinking. We have noticed that these types of discussions have diminished in other public forums, so we have created a new place to have conversations.


About the community

The L&D Spot has been created by Ady Howes, a learning practitioner and community builder. Ady was part of the team that previously built the DPG Community, a thriving forum for L&D professionals taking CIPD and management qualifications. His aim is to create a new ‘village hall’ for L&D where learning professionals can share thinking and learn from each other.

Frequently Q & A

Is it free to join?

Yes, there are no charges for joining the main community. We may from time to time launch paid products. Charges for these will be shown when they are published.

What data do you collect?

We take data protection seriously. We are authorised by the Information Commissioner Office for our data activities. You can read more in our privacy policy.

What can I do in the community?

As well as starting and joining discussions you will be able to access learning content and resources, share pictures and videos. Contact us if you are interested in hosting your own community on the platform.

Is the community moderated?

We take various steps to keep our community safe. We have included tools to quickly and easily report content and encourage our users to do so.
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